Any Of The Following Sound Familiar?

  • You've been trying to figure it all out on your own... Endless online searches haven't simplified things. Even when you do find an answer, it prompts more questions... How are you supposed to know all of this?!
  • You're frustrated... Trying to piecemeal together business and accounting and taxes, is an epic task... I know it's frustrating for bookkeepers - let alone business owners!
  • Trying to use Quickbooks yourself... Quickbooks is designed for 'bookkeepers' who specialize in the software... It's no wonder that it can feel confusing, expensive and not flexible if you're trying to do it yourself...
  • Tried or trying to hire a bookkeeper... So many people have a bad experience because how can you hire someone to do something that you yourself don't understand!... (Plus you probably don't have the systems setup that you need (& depending on your side, it just may not be worth it!)
  • Questions continue to come up and you can't find a straight answer! When you do find an answer, it always leads to more questions... No one has a straight, consistent answer, let alone a simple explanation!
  • Tired of trying to figure it out on your own... You wish there was a simple, step-by-step solution, which included a way for you to get your questions answered... Is that too much to ask for?

This is NOT the way it should be for you and your business!


I created a spreadsheet and training that covers everything you need for your accounting and taxes, in one step-by-step training.  


I searched everywhere for a spreadsheet, but I couldn't find any templates, anywhere, that allow you to track complete business accounting records.


The 'auto' spreadsheet template in this course, allows you to have:

  • complete accounting records that you need for loans, certifications, and your business to succeed (Income Statement and Balance Sheet) 
  • the easiest accounting records to maintain (no debits and credits)
  • understand your finances and track profitability by your jobs or services (if desired)  
  • and reconcile bank accounts automatically! 


In This Course, You'll Learn...

  • The basics of everything you need to know about accounting & taxes, so that you are no longer overwhelmed, scared of the IRS or worried that you are missing out & paying too much!

  • How to setup the BEST (secret accounting) system for organizing receipts and every piece of paper in your biz, so that you never have to dread going through that pile of receipts or worry about not having what you need in an audit

  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up your auto spreadsheet template for your situation, so that your records are finally setup right and cover everything you need for accounting, taxes, & your situation! 

  • How to get the most write-offs and how to setup your spreadsheet template for every tax write-off that applies to you, so that you no longer wonder if you are missing out on write-offs, can confidently take the ones you qualify for and know your taxes are correct and that you're saving money!

Stress around accounting and taxes often holds people back more than they realize. Don't let this be you! I'm passionate about helping you end the confusion and grow your business with money mastery!



LIVE WORKSHOP REPLAYS: Recordings of Summary Workshops and Q&A

MINI-COURSE: Get Your Past Years Taxes Caught Up!

Many people fall behind filing taxes and just aren't sure the best way to get caught-up.


This Mini-Course will help you get organized and give you the exact steps for how to get your past years' taxes filed:

  1. without triggering an audit
  2. possibly get credit for lost years 
  3. template for explaining and summarizing net impact
  4. DIY tax filing in freetaxusa

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What People Are Saying...

Mark T from Canada

Founder & Owner of a Construction Company

I wanted to reach out to say thank you for everything that you did for me. It is so appreciated.  I am so grateful that you came into my life to teach me a very valuable lesson in my life.


My business is now organized and easy to take care of. I am not an accountant but the way you set up the spreadsheets, I am actually ahead of my accountant. I know exactly what he is going to do even before he doses something. You know that I haven't been so lucky with accountants before you showed up in my life. Wow! Now I've got one of the best accountants, in my opinion, to help me get organized in my business and to help me see the true numbers that run my business. 


You took my hand and walked me down the road. You showed me how easy it is to stay on top of my books and my company.  Because of that I now see how I can grow the company to where I would like it to be. 

Jacob L from NH


There's no doubt about Amanda being a good instructor... I never miss her class because I just enjoy her teaching and the environment. She forces everyone to ask questions...


I've never had an instructor like this.  I highly recommend her to students and anyone who wants to learn business. 

Victor V from CO

Self-Employed Consultant

"Before going through the spreadsheet template, I had several pdfs and other excel spreadsheets trying to help me calculate all of my expenses and tax information.


Going through Amanda’s template was simplisticly useful for having all of the information easily calculated. I only had to enter in a few things and the rest was taken care of. The Summary and Payment tracker included is very helpful for keeping all of my confirmed quarterly payments organized in one file."

Tom N from PA


It was outstanding! The spreadsheet for tracking my business expenses, quarterly taxes, balance sheet, etc. was just what I needed. Having the ability to talk directly with Amanda and get her advice was worth way more than I paid for the class! 


Hand holding by Amanda to get the spreadsheet right made all the difference...You can read all the books you want, but being able to ask a question to someone who knows what they are doing was a huge plus."

Joshua H from NY


Amanda guided me through starting my business; creating my LLC, getting business insurance and things like that.


I tried to do them on my own, but I had so many questions and Amanda knew every answer. If I had only found her sooner. She would also help me with getting sales started. She would ask me questions about what I really wanted and then lay out options for how to proceed. She would guide me through choosing what I really wanted to do next, and often she would call me out when I was stalling.


This was good because I didn't expect this when I first started my business; I didn't expect some things to be so hard to get through.  Sometimes I doubted her, but I can tell you that she has a knack for knowing what to do and guiding you to choose what's best for you.


Is this course right for me? I'm not sure...

What types of businesses are covered in the template?

Will I be able to ask questions during the class?

Is there a money back type of guarantee?

What if I'm an S-corporation?

How long should I plan to spend on this course?

So, I DON'T need any other course to do my accounting and taxes?

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