Ready To Finally Get Your Past Years' Taxes Caught-up

End the IRS dread and confusion about your taxes and get caught-up the right way, without losing money or getting audited 

(plus, get your stimulus payment!)

Sound Familiar?

Tired of feeling behind? 


You keep intending to get caught up, but the reality is that it keeps not happening!

Sick of thinking the IRS could be coming after you?

Want to pay as little as possible, but worried about missing out on something you aren't aware of?

Heard you might be audited if you start to file taxes now?

Wondering the best steps to take to get caught up?

Wish you had step-by-step instructions and a way to ask questions when you get stuck?

I got you covered in my 'Workshop: Catch-Up Your Past Taxes'


Where I'll help you step-by-step to get caught up, once and for all, the right way! 

In this workshop, you'll get too: 

  • Be guided step-by-step through getting your taxes caught up, as quickly and accurately, as possible! Recordings & videos will be posted in the membership site 

  • Finally have your back taxes done, knowing that you did it the right way... No more debating, wondering, stressing or fear about the IRS!

  • Time to ask your questions so that you don't get stuck and stopped, when you run into an issue! Of course, this is inevitable with taxes, so you can ask live or submit in the membership site

  • Templates for netting tax due and asking the IRS for credit even though the statute of limitations has passed (of course, there's no guarantee but this has worked many times!)

  • Checklist, Templates, Tips & tricks that allow you to avoid being audited and take the best steps to get caught up... Plus, we'll cover exactly how to apply for the stimulus payment too!  

  • Have a group for accountability and we'll have some fun too -- and finally get this done! So that you can finally move on and not have this weighing on your shoulders behind the scenes...

Join The Live "Catch-Up Your Taxes" 2-Week Workshop

This online workshop will guide you through getting your taxes caught-up yourself and filed over 2-weeks -- by the 4th of July! (how patriotic!)


Saturday June 20 1PM-4PM PST: Introduction

Friday June 26 1PM-5PM PST: Finalize Records & Update Taxes

Friday July 3rd 1PM-5PM PST: Finalize Taxes, Templates & Submitting


(you'll be able to actually get started or finish tasks, ask questions, etc.)


(so that you stay on track to have your taxes done by July 3rd!)


(Where you can ask questions and access resources & recordings for all of 2020) 

If you can't make live meetings - that's ok, you can still use the program replays to get your taxes caught up!

One-Time Payment


The one-time payment option charges you now for $199 and you are not charged again. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course right for me? I'm not sure...

What types of businesses are covered? Are there any other costs? 

Will I be able to ask questions during the class?

Is there a money back type of guarantee?

How long should I plan to spend on this course?

So, I DON'T need any other course to do my accounting and taxes?

Are you going to DO my taxes for me? 

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