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End the confusion, overwhelm and lackluster business finance struggles with my spreadsheets & e-courses -- helping you finally get things done, yourself!


The world needs what you have to offer and you shouldn't be held back by the structures of business that are here to SUPPORT you! 


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E-COURSE: Form & Maintain Your LLC

Finally, setup your LLC yourself and actually understand it! 


Maybe you'v already formed an LLC, but you still have a lot of questions and you aren't sure it was done right...


Why struggle?  You can end your confusion for good with this video E-course with Amanda that guides you STEP-BY-STEP through setting up and maintaining your LLC.  There are state resources, checklists, templates and a workbook to help you stay organized!


Setup your LLC today - check the one you have - and maintain it yourself!

E-COURSE: Choosing The Best Type of Business With The Business Types Comparison Spreadsheet Template

Learn when and why to form each type of business. 


END the struggle of:

  1. Choose what type of business you should be and actually understanding it,
  2. Trying to figure out the lowest TAX setup for your situation,
  3. Never understanding the type of business you have - how it compares to other options - or the accounting & tax implication
  4. Does the S-corporation really save money?

This course is the business education you wish you had in high school. Plus, a Business Spreadsheet Comparison template that allows you to compare taxes under each type of business.


This course can save you time and money & friend, family & investor relationships!

E-COURSE: Paying Workers & Business Owners 

Payroll is complicated and paying business-owner workers is too! This is not the type of thing you can figure out online...

  • Ready to hire and want to get it right? Want to plan for your expenses and know what they are?
  • Already hired people and not sure you are doing it right or not happy with your service provider? Ready to take it in house and know that it's right?
  • Paying owners in a business has lots of rules -- how do you know what you should be doing?
  • Have an S-corp but not paying yourself payroll?  Use this course to get caught up and setup, the right way. Including templates for calculating "reasonable compensation".

Simplify payroll with this step-by-step DIY course. 


End the confusion and get it done as FAST as possible!

E-COURSE: Tracking Basis for LLCs, P-ships, & S-corps with the Tracking Basis Spreadsheet Template

E-COURSE: Catch-up Your Taxes!!!

Struggling to get your taxes caught-up?


This course will guide you step-by-step through getting your taxes caught-up, so that you don't get audited and you actually get it done!  

Your Instructor


Amanda gained a high-level of accounting & tax expertise through earning a Masters in Professional Accounting, an MBA, and working at two of the "big 4" public accounting firms, (PriceWaterHourseCoopers and KPMG).  


She was disturbed by the way that small business owners were underserved by the professional services (accounting, taxes and law). She always excelled at comprehension and eduction, and she began to develop her educational career through teaching at colleges & universities.  
There Amanda encountered small business owners taking college courses to help them with their small businesses.  College courses aren't designed for small business owners and they are costly and time-consuming. Again, she was disturbed by how desperate small business owners were for a quality solution for their accounting and taxes. 
Through education and the internet, she saw an opportunity to use what she had learned to serve the underserved small business owners with better solutions and education - tailored to answering their specific questions and solving their problems. 


Amanda's courses focus on helping small business owners master their accounting and taxes, so that they can focus on growing their business, mastering personal finance goals, and having a bigger impact in their communities.