Master Your Accounting & Taxes In 6 Weeks, While Saving Time, Stress & Money!

... with the EASIEST & FASTEST accounting solution out there, you can have peace of mind and grow your wealth!




Are You Tired Of...

  • Not knowing how to do your accounting? Unsure where to start?

    This a hugely frustrating area for small business owners and it's really not your fault at all - the industry has done a horrible job of helping smaller businesses get started...

  • Being confused if you made the right choice for your type of business & saving taxes

    You want to do the savvy things that the big companies are doing to save on taxes, and get all the good deals, am I right? You'd probably even like to understand your business options - is that too much to ask? I think not!

  • Spending hours researching how to handle business, accounting & taxes? 

    You want clear answers to your questions and I get it! I started my business because I don't think it's right how you have been forced to struggle through these areas of business...

  • Dreading tax time and the IRS, all year long!

    You just want peace of mind to know that you have what you need for the IRS. Trying to sort through receipts, shoe boxes and bank accounts to get your tax bill lower at year end is no way to run your business...

  • Struggling to figure out where you are making money and where you aren't?

    Even when using accounting software, like quickbooks, it can still be hard to know how profitable parts of your business are. This can be the most important part of accounting records and yet bookkeepers don't usually know how to track this information OR they have to use a spreadsheet (even when using Quickbooks!)

  • Wanting to know that you're paying yourself correctly, and avoid fines & penalties while saving taxes!

    Your pay is a hugely important part of your business and you deserve to pay yourself with clarity!

  • Trying to hire a bookkeeper or use Quickbooks yourself...

    These solutions aren't made for small businesses owners and they aren't designed to educate you and answer your questions either...

Unlike accounting software and hiring bookkeepers, my program is specifically designed for small business owners, like you, who do most things in their business themselves! You need to actually understand the accounting, so that you can setup the right systems to achieve your financial goals!

If You'd Like To...

  • ...Know that you saving the MOST taxes possible!

    There's so much contradictory and complicated information out there! There always seems to be yet another bit of information makes me question what I need to do...

  • ...Have your business setup right 

    So that you don't run into those situations that make you question if you are doing things right - or missing out on something! You've got to learn some things that you don't know you need to know to get there...

  • ...No more fear of the IRS 

    When you not only have your accounting and tax records organized, but you also understand exactly what to do in certain situations and how the IRS works - you have zero fear or stress around the IRS!

  • ...Get past years accounting & taxes caught-up too!

    It can weigh on your shoulders and stress you out to be behind, and most accounting firms take your money without telling you that you need to get them all of the information (so they don't help you with what you are really stuck on), but you can end this when you have access to the information you need...

  • ...have your accounting setup RIGHT!

    Without your systems setup and learning a basic level of understanding, the accounting will always be a mess and/or a headache - even with the perfect bookkeeper!

  • ...Easily maintaining your accounting records!

    You need to have systems setup and learn the accounting basics, with exactly what you need to know to make it all work for you!

  • ...Want to be able to ask questions

    When it comes to accounting and taxes, it's impossible to not have questions and you just want to be able to have someone to ask your questions who will actually explain the answer, so that you can keep moving forward...


  • ...Stop trying to figured it out on your own and have a  step-by-step plan to follow?

    I believe you deserve exactly this -- plus, a plan based on your exact questions and situation, so that you can get this done without wasting any time!


Imagine all that pressure gone, what would it mean to finally have the:


CLARITY that comes from having your accounting up-to-date (& knowing it's right!),


TIME to focus on using the accounting reports about your business, to grow your business,


And the FREEDOM from the guilt you might feel about not doing your accounting & taxes, or not knowing exactly what and how you should be doing it.


Now you can use all that crystal clear clarity, extra time and fulfilling freedom to focus on what matters in your business, what you do best, and growing your wealth!


Hey there, I'm Amanda Russell,


I'm the different kind of accounting & tax pro that you've been waiting for! I've been helping accountants, educators, experts, small business owners & entrepreneurs with business, accounting & taxes over and over through teaching at colleges and universities, educating through Intuit Quickbooks, and on Youtube & now my own courses...


Despite my high-level background at "big 4" public accounting firms, I didn't fall under the spell that the way things are done is working for all businesses and professionals. I saw small business owners being completely neglected by current bookkeeping, accounting and tax professionals - and I believed you deserved much better. 


Small businesses employ nearly 60 million people. I truly believe that the world needs your business and that you deserve to have the financial freedom that comes from having your own business, and brining your dreams to life. 


And that's why I was committed to creating an accounting solution that actually worked for determined small business owners and entrepreneurs, like yourself.  Fortunately, we've achieved just that through spreadsheet templates and video e-courses, so that you can learn what you need to know and get setup right using the fastest and easiest accounting solution out there!

I created the Master Your Accounting & Taxes Program just for small business owners like you, wanting a simple solution...


You deserve a fast accounting & tax solution that makes your life easier, which is why I created this Complete-Accounting Spreadsheet & Tax Template Library (I continue to use these spreadsheets for my business and personal money tracking too!)  

  • Step-by-step videos, checklists and cheatsheets walk you through setting up your business finances.
  • Templates cover everything you need for your accounting records, business reports and taxes! 
  • Skip the stress of trying to work with a bookkeeper before you have your systems setup right (recipe for disaster), or trying to use accounting software which even accountants struggle with (and you aren't an accountant!)... 

...and instead, use a system that you can master!

With The Master Your Accounting & Tax Program, You Can:  

  • Eliminate the stress of trying to get your accounting setup right and instead jump in with the systems and accounting records you need ASAP!
  • Save hours and hours of time stressing or dreading or wishing you knew more about your business finances...
  • Generate proper accounting Financial Statements for your business that you actually understand and can use to grow your business
  • Say Goodbye to the Confusion, Overwhelm, or even Dread About Your Accounting & Taxes!


Get access to step-by-step instructions and templates that demystify every aspect of accounting and taxes - this is truly the SIMPLEST and most COMPLETE solution!  


If you've felt like you just don't have the time to set up your records, it's not your fault! Common solutions can't be done in a reasonable amount of time.

If you are ready to quickly get your accounting & taxes caught-up and setup right, to save taxes, and use the accounting to grow your business....


... then the Master Your Accounting & Taxes program may be the perfect solution for you!

How Does The Master Your Accounting & Taxes Program Work?


In this Special Offer, You'll Receive

  • 24/7 Instant Access to the Video E-courses: Master Your Accounting & Taxes (plus the Bonus E-courses)

  • Weekly Emails: To Guide You Through Mastering Your Business Accounting & Taxes!

  • Auto-Accounting Spreadsheets & Tax Template Library:  Complete accounting template, with templates for every finance and tax situation!

  • Checklists & Cheatsheets: Guide you through every concept and step so that you can easily refer back and and review concepts & steps, during the year!

  • Ask Your Questions: Throughout the E-courses, you can ask your questions at every training post for an entire year! 

  • Submit Your "Homework" and Get Our FeedbackThrough our new course platform, you can submit your work and we'll keep you moving forward with confidence!

  • Earn Live Zoom Meetings & Our Help In Your Spreadsheets: We want to encourage you to complete the 6-week course over 3 months and setup your business, so by submitting your homework and watching the course videos, you can earn live zoom meetings!  Plus, our help inside your Google sheet templates!

Why This Program Is Unique:

This program is designed to make sure you complete the courses and achieve success with your accounting & taxes!

Earn LIVE Zoom calls "Office Hours" where you can ask your questions & share your screen

(or purchase)

3 months of emails guiding you and the ability to submit your homework for feedback, so that you keep moving forward!

Google sheets spreadsheet template library and earn adding us in to help you with errors, questions & customizations! The simplest & fastest accounting records out there!

Plus, Get The Following Bonuses:


This course covers the exact steps to approach starting a business & getting setup proper... From the legal, to the accounting and taxes, to sales and marketing, and beyond!

This course gives you context so that you can save time, money and relationships, while quickly taking advantage of opportunities as they come your way...





Learn everything you need to know about investing in retirement plans as an individual and as a business owner.  This 2 hour training guides you through getting started, learning the basics, and what you must keep track of. It includes the templates you need to do so as well. It also includes my recommendations for getting started as quickly and easily as possible! 


Behind on your taxes and tired of dreading & procrastinating getting caught up? This course guides you through the exact steps to take to get your past years taxes caught-up, without triggering an IRS audit. 


Want to finally setup your LLC? Or maintain the one you have correctly? This course walks you through setting up your LLC, and maintaining it. (or check the one you already have)


[VALUE $297]

Will the s-corporation save me money? How do I pay myself? This course covers exactly how to decide about, setup and maintain the s-corporation. Even if you use a pro, you still need to know if it's being done correctly!


 This course teaches the foundation about business that can END the confusion for good... Plus you'll also learn how to setup any type of business too! 

E-COURSE: Paying Workers & Owners [$297]

Learn how to pay everyone in your business (workers and owners), step-by-step!

Plus, if you're an s-corp, this course guides you through every step of doing your owner payroll, including getting caught-up and saving you $$$!

E-COURSE: Tracking Basis for LLCs, Partnerships & S-corporations [$297 VALUE]

Basis is your investment in your business, and you MUST know what your basis is to avoid ALL taxes on your distributions!!!

Mandatory for S-corps and multi-owner businesses!

What You'll Learn & Accomplish


    So that you can clearly move forward knowing with clarity, knowing your business is best for your situation and your finances are organized right!


    Learn the best way to get setup to stay organized and save everything you need for your business! Setup systems for your accounting process, documentation system and accounting spreadsheet


    Learn how to record all of your transactions and get your accounting records setup right, in the simplest and easiest DIY accounting solution! Learn how to record sales, expenses, your pay, business investments, owner draws, credit cards and loans, and much more! 


    Use your reports to know your money and make business decisions. Our spreadsheets are a complete accounting record, which include the Income Statement & Balance Sheet Reports, plus the ability to track profitability by categories (such as rentals, products, services, projects or clients), Totals for contractors or companies paid & amounts received from clients, Sales taxes, and more! 


    Learn what you need to track for taxes and setup our tax templates for your situations. Plus, get setup for Quarterly Estimated Taxes and sales taxes, and learn how to file your taxes your taxes yourself or with a tax pro.

Total Value...

The Master Your Accounting & Taxes E-course (Value $7,200)

Plus, all the Bonus E-courses, sell for over $3,000. 


The Complete Accounting Spreadsheet & Template Library (Value $4,800)


 Ask Your Questions in every training for one year (Value $999)


Receive weekly emails guiding you through the course and submit your work ("homework") and get feedback over 12 weeks  (Value $2,400)


Earn Live Zoom "Office Hours" over 12 weeks (Value $597)


Earn help inside your spreadsheet (add us to Google sheets) over 12 weeks (Value $999)


Plus, the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have everything you need to succeed! (PRICELESS!) Plus knowing you:

  1. are avoiding tax penalties
  2. have everything you need for an IRS audit!
  3. are getting all the Tax Write-Offs you deserve
  4. aren't missing out on any easy tax dollars!
  5. actually know exactly what's going on with your money...

That means the total monetary value of this program is $19,992!


Today, for this special program, you pay only....$997 

(or the DIY version at only $497, which excludes submitting homework & feedback, live meetings, or help in your spreadsheet, but you still get to ask questions throughout the course!)



I'm excited to help you transform your finances into a tool that empowers you to expand your business - your wealth - and your life! 


Ready To Master Your Accounting & Taxes, Using the Easiest & Fastest Solution for Small Business Owners?


Master Your Accounting & Taxes: DIY E-courses + Q&A In Courses

E-course 24/7 Video E-course Access 

All Bonus E-course Included

Emails Guiding You Through The Courses Over 12 Weeks

Save All Course Content for LIFE (videos, templates, etc.)

Ask Questions On Our Course Platform (1 year access)



one payment 



Instant access 


Video E-courses

Google Sheets


Accounting & tax spreadsheet templates 


On-going Answers

Post Q&A throughout courses


Master Your Accounting & Taxes: Everything From DIY + Live Help & Guidance

Complete The Course & Submit Homework to Earn:

1. Feedback  on your work ("homework" submitted)

2. Live Meetings  Bi-weekly "Office Hours" Over 12 Weeks

3. Add Us to Your Spreadsheets  for help with set up & questions

 + Onboarding Call: Wednesday July 21st 4pm EST



one payment

Submit Homwork

Stay on track with custom feedback on your work

Live Zoom Calls

Ask your questions live and get help, and learn from others!

Custom Support

Add us into your spreadsheet for extra help

Whether you are behind or just starting, this workshop can help you finally get setup right and END the common business accounting & tax struggle, for good!

What People Are Saying...



Mark T from Canada

Founder & Owner - Construction Company

I wanted to reach out to say thank you for everything that you did for me. It is so appreciated.  I am so grateful that you came into my life ....


My business is now organized and easy to take care of.  I am not an accountant but the way you set up the spreadsheets, I am actually ahead of my accountant. I know exactly what he is going to do before he does something. 


You know that I haven't been so lucky with accountants before you showed up in my life. Wow! Now I've got one of the best accountants, in my opinion, to help me get organized in my business and to help me see the true numbers that run my business. 


You took my hand and walked me down the road. You showed me how easy it is to stay on top of my books and my company.  Because of that I now see how I can grow the company to where I would like it to be. 

Tom N from PA


It was outstanding! The spreadsheet for tracking my business expenses, quarterly taxes, balance sheet, etc. was just what I needed. Having the ability to talk directly with Amanda and get her advice was worth way more than I paid for the class! 


Hand holding by Amanda to get the spreadsheet right made all the difference...You can read all the books you want, but being able to ask a question to someone who knows what they are doing was a huge plus."

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course right for me? I'm not sure...

I only get access for 1 year? Why not lifetime?  (GOOD NEWS!)

What if I'm just starting a business?

What types of businesses are covered in the template?

Will I be able to ask questions during the class?

Is there a money back type of guarantee?

What format does the spreadsheet templates come in?

Our spreadsheets only come in Google Sheets!


The issue we had with Excel was that there are many different versions and this created a lot of confusion. Plus, we found a superior solution within Google Sheets. 


Google sheets are hosted online on a weblink, so you can access them from any computer and don't need to worry about having files and different versions. Google sheets are also completely free, you just need to setup a google drive account and we provide instructions to do so if you don't have a gmail account already (gmail comes with a google drive account automatically) 


Also, google sheets has been a better solution because you can add us to your template (or your accountant or a tax pro or investor or partner or assistant!) and you can comment on any cell in the spreadsheet. This makes it easier to communicate about the numbers (or formulas or issues) directly in the spreadsheet. You also don't have to worry about having different versions, losing work and you can access your google sheets from any web browser!


What if I'm an S-corporation?

How long should I plan to spend on this course?

So, I won't need any other course to do my accounting, is that correct?

To learn more about the course (and bonuses), check out the registration page on my website HERE, but be sure to come back to this tab for this Special Offer!

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