7-Day Challenge: Start Your Business

With A Simple Strategy To Succeed

Finally, end overwhelm, uncertainty & gathering information and learn the steps to start your business in this challenge!

Whether you are creating a business to provide your services or to accomplish a big mission or start a movement -- learning these steps and how to create a strategy will allow you to move further, faster with clarity!


End the confusion and overwhelm and move forward in 7-Days...

7-Day Challenge:

Start Your Business The Right Way 

  • Day #1: Create your Simple Strategic Plan for how to guide your movement forward, even if you aren't exactly sure what you want to do or how to do it!

    I'll be walking you through my approach to a mission, visioning, and goal setting exercise that will actually GUIDE you forward faster, even when you are unsure and doubting your plans

  • Day #2: Chose your business type (LLC, corporation, etc.) based on your strategic plan + your legal and tax strategy

    Learn everything you need to understand about choosing the best type of business for your situation including the TAXES and how to save the most taxes as a business!

  • Day #3: The exact steps to form a business "legally" (LLC, S-corp, registration, etc.)

    This step-by-step training will cover the EXACT steps you take to form each type of business. Plus learn what is often MISSED even when people hire lawyers and consultants to do it for them (save money, time & relationships with this training!)

  • Day #4: Take the financial steps to have your business setup right (bank accounts, EINs, accounting, paying yourself, systems, etc.) 

    Learn the exact steps to setup your separate business for success! I'll be answering all of the questions and breaking down the best practices so that you have everything you need for the finances!

  • Day #5: Must know 'sales secrets' that apply for any industry and every type of business

    Make your life easier by understanding the basic components of sales from the big picture to the nitty gritty, so that you can integrate selling into everything you do in your business (Even if you're a non-profit, your donors need you to use this!)

  • Day #6: Apply the tools of Internet Market and the Online Business world to your situation for your EPIC strategy

    EVERY business needs to be using the internet to grow their business - unless they want to be irrelevant or they aren't serious about growing. Today will give you the big picture education that you need to make a simple plan for the online world that you can love to use to grow your business. 

  • Day #7: Implementing your plan in a manner that gets sales or achievements right away 

    Today you'll get into reality about how fast you really can move your business forward and what to do if you are holding yourself back or you just don't feel sure enough to keep going Maybe you second guess yourself or question if you should be doing things in a certain way... 


Remember, the world needs what you have to offer! 

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