Choosing The Best Type of Business -- Save Taxes!

If you want to know the best type of business to form (for your industry and situation), how to form and maintain your business properly, AND how to save the most in taxes - this is for you!

Which Type Of Business To Form? When To Form It? How Best To "Structure" It?

Good questions  - as usual in business - it depends! 


There's a lot to consider; your mission/purpose, your potentials partners or investors, your industry, the legality, the accounting, the practicality and, of course, the taxes!


Do You Want To Know, Learn & Setup The Following:

  • What's the best way to structure my business to save taxes?  What would the difference be between LLCs, Partnerships, Sole-Proprietors, Corporations & S-corporations? 

  • Should I form a business with my spouse or by myself? Is it better to form a business with other partners or by myself? 

  • What's limited liability and how do I choose the best type of business to form? What about my industry?

  • How do I pay myself? How much do I pay myself and when?

  • How does my business pay taxes? How can I save taxes? What am I missing out on as a business owner? What is everyone teaching out there?

  • Ways to structure relationships with investors, or suppliers, or other parties, and to avoid taxes for them (or yourself in these types of negotiations with other businesses)

  • What are the exact steps that I need to do for my situation? What about my specific industry?

  • How to qualify as a PASSIVE investor and pay no self-employment taxes...

  • How to get the most write offs in ever type of business... 


I created this workshop & spreadsheet (plus bonus bundles) to help you get your business setup right (asap) and know that you are saving taxes too!

No More Random Trainings, Google Searching or Wondering What You Are Missing!


Finally, get your business setup right, know that it's setup right, AND saving you the most taxes possible... 


What you learn about business at this workshop can save you immense time, stress, money & relationships too - throughout your life time!

Finally understand everything about business... no more confusion, no more wondering, the legal, accounting & taxes, all covered in ONE place!

Heard of the S-corporation?

C-corp elections?

I'll cover exactly when these entities will save you taxes... and you'll be able to calculate the differences using the Business Tax Types Comparison Spreadsheet (pictured left) ...


How I Can Help You!

Learn how to choose the best type of business for your situation and get your business setup right to save time, stress & money!


What you'll learn at this workshop, will make every aspect of business going forward easier because you'll have a solid foundation is what entities are and how to use them... plus detailed legal, investment, accounting & tax implications!


Business owners are forced to connect the dots between accountants, tax pros and lawyers (none of whom are good at explaining business)... But this doesn't have to be you!  


Going forward, you'll be able to capitalize on business opportunities faster and avoid getting ripped off because you'll have a solid business foundation from this workshop. 

Join me for this workshop and let's set you up for clarity and financial freedom in business!


What You Will Get:

Spreadsheet templates that allow you to compare exactly what the difference would be in your taxes under various situations... 

Learn what's best for you based on your income and expense estimates, plus other situations in your financial situation, such as selling or buying real estate, stocks and other investments, etc. 

Live Workshop: With Amanda 

Learn everything you need to know about choosing a business, forming a business and how to save taxes... Put an end to the confusion and replace it with savvy clarity!

E-course: ChecklistsVideos & Cheatsheets

The replay and the e-courses come with cheatsheets, checklists and videos to help you end the confusion and get setup right!

Questions & Answers

Post questions throughout the course that Amanda answers weekly! Or, get 1-on-1 meetings with Amanda and zoom!

One-Year 24/7 Access

Access your account anytime, all year long, plus because rules change and information has to be updated, I continually update and add to my courses (which is why there's a one year limitation)

Special Bonuses:


E-COURSE: Form & Maintain Your LLC Step-by-Step [$500]

This course guides you through forming your LLC, with checklists, cheatsheets, templates and videos. 

E-COURSE: Catch-up Your Taxes [$200 VALUE]

Weather you are an individual, a contractor or a business; if you've fallen behind on taxes it can be an overwhelming cloud that hangs over you. In this course, I go over exactly how to get caught-up. 

E-COURSE: Paying Workers & Owners [$297]

Step-by-step how to hire contractors and employees, plus how owners are paid in every type of business....


If you've elected s-corporation status, this course guides you through calculating Reasonable Compensation and getting caught-up if you haven't been doing it right...

E-COURSE: Tracking Basis for LLCs, Partnerships & S-corporations [$297 VALUE]

Basis is your investment in your business, and is especially important to track so that you don't pay extra taxes on distributions or when you leave or stop the business...


This course makes basis as simple as possible! 

E-COURSE: Start Your Business [$2,000 VALUE]

This course is only part of my coaching program but it might be super useful, given the focus of this program and so of course I'm including it for you!

E-COURSE: Quickbooks Online & Xero Training Workshops [$$$ VALUE]

TBA in the next few months. These workshop trainings will automatically be added to your course portal as an extra bonus. 

How Much Is This Course Worth?

Honestly, you could easily save the cost of this workshop in taxes this year because of doing this program... Let alone because you are going to get things done over the next few weeks. Plus, I love making these services and content more affordable and accessible....


Value Of Workshop, Spreadsheet, Amanda's Support, & Bonuses...  $4,000 Plus+! (easily)



Let's get your business setup right & saving taxes ASAP!


Starting In...


Get Your Business Setup Right & Saving Taxes, Time & Stress ASAP! 

Spreadsheet +

Live Workshop 



Learn everything you need to know about choosing & forming a business, plus all options for how to save money on taxes!



Friday October 30th 10am HST/1pm PST/4pm EST 

Live workshop on Zoom


E-course platform with 24-7 Access to the replay, the spreadsheet templates and extra resources


PDF Downloads: Checklists & Cheat Sheets


Ask Questions: In the E-course platform you can ask questions on every post (Amanda responds weekly!)


Bonus #1: E-course Form & Maintain Your LLC


Bonus #5: E-course Start Your Business 


 1-on-1 Meeting Package + Bonuses 



Everything in the DIY edition plus Amanda's support to help you get your business setup right (based on wherever you are at and your current goals) ... 


Four 1-on-1 Meetings: Live zoom meetings with Amanda, so that you have the accountability and support to get your business organized and setup right...


Accountability: In between meetings, you'll have access to me if you get stuck, so that you can achieve your business setup goal


Six Bonus E-courses: All of Amanda's e-courses that you need to get your business taxes setup up right...The price of this package is cheaper than the bonuses alone! 


Your Instructor


Amanda gained a high-level of accounting & tax expertise through earning a Masters in Professional Accounting, an MBA, and working at two of the "big 4" public accounting firms, (PriceWaterHourseCoopers and KPMG).  


She was disturbed by the way that small business owners were underserved by the professional services (accounting, taxes and law). She always excelled at comprehension and eduction, and she began to develop her educational career through teaching at colleges & universities.  
There Amanda encountered small business owners taking college courses to help them with their small businesses.  College courses aren't designed for small business owners.  They are also costly and time-consuming. Again, she was disturbed by how desperate small business owners were for a quality solution for their accounting and taxes. 
Through education and the internet, she saw an opportunity to use what she had learned to serve the underserved small business owners with better solutions and education--tailored to answering their specific questions and solving their problems. 


Amanda's courses focus on helping small business owners master their accounting and taxes, so that they can focus on growing their business, mastering personal finance goals, and having a bigger impact in their communities. 


What People Are Saying...

Mark T from Canada

Founder & Owner of a Construction Company

I wanted to reach out to say thank you for everything that you did for me. It is so appreciated.  I am so grateful that you came into my life to teach me a very valuable lesson in my life.


My business is now organized and easy to take care of. I am not an accountant but the way you set up the spreadsheets, I am actually ahead of my accountant. I know exactly what he is going to do even before he doses something. You know that I haven't been so lucky with accountants before you showed up in my life. Wow! Now I've got one of the best accountants, in my opinion, to help me get organized in my business and to help me see the true numbers that run my business. 


You took my hand and walked me down the road. You showed me how easy it is to stay on top of my books and my company.  Because of that I now see how I can grow the company to where I would like it to be. 

Jacob L from NH


There's no doubt about Amanda being a good instructor... I never miss her class because I just enjoy her teaching and the environment. She forces everyone to ask questions...


I've never had an instructor like this.  I highly recommend her to students and anyone who wants to learn business. 

Victor V from CO

Self-Employed Consultant

"Before going through the spreadsheet template, I had several pdfs and other excel spreadsheets trying to help me calculate all of my expenses and tax information.


Going through Amanda’s template was simplisticly useful for having all of the information easily calculated. I only had to enter in a few things and the rest was taken care of. The Summary and Payment tracker included is very helpful for keeping all of my confirmed quarterly payments organized in one file."

Tom N from PA


It was outstanding! The spreadsheet for tracking my business expenses, quarterly taxes, balance sheet, etc. was just what I needed. Having the ability to talk directly with Amanda and get her advice was worth way more than I paid for the class! 


Hand holding by Amanda to get the spreadsheet right made all the difference...You can read all the books you want, but being able to ask a question to someone who knows what they are doing was a huge plus."

Joshua H from NY


Amanda guided me through starting my business; creating my LLC, getting business insurance and things like that.


I tried to do them on my own, but I had so many questions and Amanda knew every answer. If I had only found her sooner. She would also help me with getting sales started. She would ask me questions about what I really wanted and then lay out options for how to proceed. She would guide me through choosing what I really wanted to do next, and often she would call me out when I was stalling.


This was good because I didn't expect this when I first started my business; I didn't expect some things to be so hard to get through.  Sometimes I doubted her, but I can tell you that she has a knack for knowing what to do and guiding you to choose what's best for you.

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